As a passionate traveller and photographer, capturing memorable moments and stunning landscapes is an integral part of my journey. To ensure I’m always ready to seize the perfect shot, my camera bag contains a well-curated selection of gear, of which I will share the essentials I pack in my everday camera bag. These tools enable me to document my adventures and create lasting visual memories. 

  1. iPhone: While dedicated cameras have their advantages, I never underestimate the power of my iPhone’s camera. Its convenience, portability, and advanced camera features make it a valuable tool for capturing high-quality images on the go. I pack my iPhone for quick snapshots, spontaneous moments, and when I want to travel light without compromising on photography quality. 
  2. Drone: Including a drone in my camera bag has revolutionised my travel photography. With aerial capabilities, the drone provides breathtaking bird’s-eye views and expansive landscape shots. The ability to capture stunning panoramas, vibrant cityscapes, and epic nature scenes from above adds a new dimension to my photography. 
  3. GoPro: A GoPro is a versatile and compact camera that excels in capturing action-packed moments and immersive footage. It’s perfect for activities such as water sports, hiking, and adventure pursuits. I include my GoPro in my camera bag for its durability, wide-angle lens, and superb video quality. Additionally, it offers features like time-lapse, slow motion, and underwater shooting, allowing me to capture unique perspectives in various environments. 
  4. Handheld Stabilisers: To achieve smooth and steady footage, handheld stabilisers are essential accessories. They help reduce camera shake and add a professional touch to my videos. Whether using my GoPro or smartphone, a handheld stabiliser provides stability and enhances the visual quality of my footage. Compact and lightweight options are available, making them easy to include in my camera bag without adding excessive weight. 
  5. Nikon J5 Camera: For more extensive photography needs, I rely on my Nikon J5 camera. Its compact size, interchangeable lenses, and excellent image quality make it an ideal travel companion. Whether I’m capturing portraits, landscapes, or street scenes, the Nikon J5 delivers sharp and vibrant results. Additionally, its manual controls allow me to experiment creatively and capture images tailored to my vision. 

Packing the right gear in my camera bag enhances my ability to capture incredible moments and document my travel experiences. The combination of a GoPro, drone, iPhone, Nikon J5 camera, and handheld stabilizers provides me with a diverse range of tools for various photography and videography needs. The GoPro’s versatility, the drone’s aerial perspectives, the iPhone’s convenience, the Nikon J5’s quality, and the handheld stabilizers’ stability all contribute to capturing stunning visuals. By selecting the appropriate gear for your travel photography, you can elevate your storytelling and preserve memories that will last a lifetime.


Hey, I’m Charlie, the English born traveller who has just quit my 9-5 to travel the globe for 2 years. Make sure to follow my journey for all the Tips & Tricks you could need to plan your next adventure!